The Skier’s Edge Company, for a period of four (4) years from the date of original purchase of a Skier’s Edge Company product, excluding those products with electronic components and excluding the replaceable and wearable resistance bands, will repair or replace, at its option, any part which may prove to be defective in materials or workmanship. Products with electronic components are limited to a one-year warranty period. The replaceable and wearable resistance bands are limited to a two-year warranty period.

  • Without a doubt, the Skier's Edge is a necessary addition to everyone's conditioning and rehabilitating programs. It's safe, easy to understand and players enjoy the positive results. All baseball players can benefit from the Skier's Edge. I use it for 30 second bouts for my infielders. This is a great machine to use as an adjunct, in the off-season, to maintain one's quad strength, balance, and endurance.

    John Adam, ATC

    Head Athletic Trainer — Milwaukee Brewers

  • I set up an off-season training program for Andy Roddick. After evaluating Andy’s lower extremity and core strength I developed a program for him, which included intense training on the Skier’s Edge. It enhanced Andy’s lateral quickness and power, as demonstrated by his success.

    Robert Donatelli

    PHD, PT, OCS National Director of Sports Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Associates, PGA & APT tour Physical Therapist

  • The Skier's Edge has become a part of my daily exercise routine... The Skier's Edge Big Mountain has helped me in my cardio and core improvement. Combining these improvements has helped my overall game and improved my control of my golf swing. The Skier's Edge is a great product in developing endurance, coordination as well as balance and hand eye coordination. And with all that, the Skier's Edge is really fun to use.

    Fred Funk

    2004 PLAYERS Championship, PGA TOUR Veteran

    Fred Funk
  • Football is a very dynamic sport that involves quick movements and sudden changes in direction, making the Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric machine the perfect training tool for working with some of the world's best athletes. The New York Giants have been using the Skier's Edge for the last ten years to help rehabilitate our players following injury and improve athletic performance. The Skier's Edge engages the upper and lower extremity and core, like football, helping our players perform at a championship level.

    Ronnie Barnes

    Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs/Head Athletic Trainer — New York Giants Football

  • The Swiss Team has used the Skier's Edge for many years now with great success! It is part of our inventory and goes with us everywhere from training camps to the World Cup circuit. Many skiers remain advanced only on groomed slopes. What is required to be an expert on the whole mountain is power and confidence. If you use the Skier's Edge every day, you will gain the power and confidence to leave the groomed trails and ski the whole mountain. The Skier's Edge is as essential to skiing as skis, boots and poles.

    Theo Nadig


    Theo Nadig
  • The German National Ski Team uses the Skier's Edge in all year-round preparation. We get tremendous help in building up certain abilities for our top athletes. The movements on the Skier's Edge are the same as real skiing (open leg position, independent work of both legs, canting) and therefore very important for our training and building up leg power. In addition, we work on balance and coordinative exercise. For these aims we can imagine no better training machine.

    Rainer Mutschler

    Alpine Director – Men's Head Coach — GERMAN NATIONAL SKI TEAM

    Rainer Mutschler
  • We have found the Skier's Edge to be extremely effective in the training and conditioning of our athletes. We use it as a serious and most efficient tool in the process of setting the athlete's balance clock. It is an important piece of equipment for us.

    Werner Margreiter


    Werner Margreiter
  • ...My business is rehabilitating and training elite athletes. The Skier's Edge is not only an invaluable tool in helping my athletes and clients reset their proprioceptive clocks and improve balance reactions, but is as well an excellent tool to optimize sport specific energy system training.

    Carl Petersen

    BPE, BSc (PT), Dir. of Sport Science & Medicine, CANADIAN NATIONAL SKI TEAM

    Carl Petersen
  • The US Ski Team has been using the Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power year round as part of our race program. We have learned that the athletes are able to develop the anaerobic system in a very progressive way while using these sport specific components. The high intensity that the athletes are able to produce on the Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power develops the anaerobic system very effectively. Overall, we see the Skier's Edge as a great tool for preparing our athletes for the intense load involved in ski racing.

    US Ski Team Sport Science Dept

  • I bought it in the off season to stay in shape. The Skier's Edge has brought me to a whole new level of skiing. It not only helped me stay in shape, I started off my second season skiing better than I did at the end of last ski season. The Skier's Edge has improved my balance, timing, strength, endurance and confidence on the slopes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone at any level of skiing to improve their skiing abilities.

    K. Tambs

    Cadillac, MI


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