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Skier's Edge is the perfect year round ski simulator. Build a custom Skier’s Edge machine in four easy steps and then click 'save selection'.

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Our most popular model.

The T5 combines quality construction with precise lateral movement to perfectly simulate skiing.


Our Top-of-the-line model.

The QS5 offers unmatched ski simulation. It is available in three performance levels to accommodate all users and goals.

LT Carver™

For the 45 to 150 lb skier/racer.

Learn proper edging technique, while developing balance, coordination and muscle memory. The LT Carver comes in one size (skip to step 4).

Big Mountain Series™

The Ultimate Carving Machine

Capture the feeling of steeper mountains, deeper powder and bigger bumps with the Big Mountain Series™ performance level. For those who like the intensity of “big mountain” skiing, the Big Mountain Series™ is the ultimate machine to polish turns and improve technique.

World Cup Plyometric Power Series™

World Cup Plyometric Power Series

Used to train for the toughest GS, Slalom, Super G, and downhill courses in the world, it is the preferred training tool of the world’s best ski racers and pro-athletes. The World Cup is aggressive and athletic—developing strength, speed, power, agility, coordination and balance.

Classic Series™

The Original Carving Machine

With its gentle slope height the Classic Series™ performance level is a great choice for rehabbing athletes and aspiring skiers who want to increase their fitness level and versatility. The Classic Series™ is perfect for training high-performance short turns—strengthening legs to move quickly and dynamically.

All Mountain Master™

For all models. Does not accommodate RPM accessories.

The All Mountain Master (AMM) is versatile, easy to use, and simulates different skiing styles.

  • 6 adjustable settings - from a narrow mogul stance to a wide carving stance.
  • A single leg setting for an intense anaerobic workout.
  • Adjust stance settings in 2-3 minutes.


For T5 and QS5 models only

The RPM is our most popular and versatile platform.

  • 8 adjustable stance settings ranging from a narrow mogul stance to a wide carving stance and a single leg setting.
  • Adjust settings in 20-30 seconds.
  • Required for the Slope Simulator and Upper Body Edge accessories.

Select all accessories that you want (may select more than one) and then click the "Save Selection" button at the bottom of the page. To skip accessories click the "Save Selection" button directly below these instructions.

The Natural Slope™

Easily installs on the All Mountain Master platform and the RPM platform.

“Get out of your backseat!” has probably echoed up the slope at some point in your skiing career. Whether an experienced or beginner skier - leaning back is probably the most common mistake. With the Natural Slope you’ll get dynamic balance while training in an aggressive forward position.


Available for the QS5 model only.

Train in your ski boots! The Skier’s Edge BootMaster is the ultimate workout for skiers. It’s an intense exercise of those ski specific muscles that \scream\ your first few weeks of skiing. The muscle memory translates perfectly to the slopes.

Slope Simulator™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.*Requires RPM platform.

The Slope Simulator™ foot platform is a way to train in an aggressive forward position and develop balance control that can be transferred to the mountain.

Assistant Coach Balance Bar™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.

The Assistant Coach Balance Bar is ideal for additional support while working out. It is ideal for the entire family. Poles can still be used by turning around on the machine facing the opposite direction.

Powder/Mogul Master™

Available for all models.

The Powder/Mogul Master™ is a single foot platform tailored for those who want to ski those long deep powder runs and steep bump runs with confidence and control. Includes the Assistant Coach Balance Bar or LT Coach Bar. Interchanges with the RPM and All Mountain Master platforms.

LifeBeat Feedback System™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.

The LifeBeat is a unique user-friendly feedback computer designed to provide all the information needed to gauge performance and set goals for improvement. With its simple user interface, you can start a workout in just seconds.

Gate Keeper Feedback System™

Available for all models

This is an audible, visual and physical target for workouts and training counting the number of turns and duration of your workout. The Gate Keeper™ is ideal for competitive racers who want to test their limits—and exceed them!

Transport Wheels™

Available for all models.

Moving and storing the Skier’s Edge is easy with Transport Wheels. These durable wheels are equipped with precision bearings for smooth rolling action.

Balance Bar Pole and Water Bottle Holder™

Accessory for Assistant CoachBalance Bar.

The pole and water bottle holder is a great accessory for the Assistant Coach Balance Bar. It provides storage for your poles, and keeps your water bottle close. Not compatible with Children's Bar.

Children’s Bar™

Accessory for Assistant CoachBalance Bar.

The perfect height to help young children with balance and coordination, the Children’s Bar attaches to the Assistant Coach™ Balance Bar.

Upper Body Edge™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.

Pilates workout for the entire upper body, shoulders, arms and back. • Rated by the JOSPT (Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy) as one of the best core workouts. • Handles adjust quickly with seven different width settings. • Requires RPM platform (interchanges with RPM footpads)

Adjustable Poles™

Available for all models

Nine height positions to perfectly accommodate all users. Made of a light aircraft aluminum with ergonomic grips for comfort. Non-marking rubber tips protect floors and furniture. Optional upgrade for any T5 or QS5 machine. Comes standard with the LT Carver.

QS5 Upgrade Kit™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.

Upgrade your machine to the ultimate Skier’s Edge available. Our patented rail design uses precision quality aircraft aluminium providing a tough finish with corrosion protection, resistance to wear and it’s easy to keep clean. The carriage glides effortlessly utilizing custom made wheels designed to perfectly match the QS5 rails.

ELT Kit™

Available for T5 and QS5 models only.

The ELT™-Extra Lateral Tension-Kit adds more resistance to the machine and is recommended for body weights over 215 lbs. The kit adds a third power band and increases the number of resistance settings from 11 to 18. The ELT™ comes standard with the World Cup Plyometric Power Series™, but can be adde to the Classic and Big Mountain Series™.

Core Power Weighted Vest™

Available for all models.

Increase the intensity of any workout with the addition of the Core Power weighted vest with soft flexible weights. This is the best fitting, most comfortable weighted vest available and is adjustable up to 22 lbs. in 1/2 lb. increments. Comes standard with 11 lbs.